Why Stressed

I Don't Know Why but I Am Stressed

We are not always aware of things which stress us out. This hampers our ability to deal with them and the result is an increased amount of stress. Hence, it is important to know these individual and invisible factors which cause stress. Often, the very knowledge of cause of trouble can help remove it from our life.

Few Factors That Silently Result in Stress

* Sudden Changes in Life: Change is always a part of life. However, some changes have tremendous impact upon us, especially in terms of the stress levels we experience. Events like moving to a new city, getting into a new relationship, settling into a new job, or with a new boss are some of the things which can silently increase the stress levels in your life. Effectively dealing with them requires patience and focused effort.

* Internal Biological Factors: These are primarily bodily or hormonal changes. As these are often invisible to us we tend to suffer an unexplained but high level of stress in our life. Puberty is one stage when the body begins to transform extensively. Not being fully conscious of our body and the way in which our body interacts with surrounding environment results in increased stress. First time pregnancy is something which also results in a similar situation.

* Belief Systems: We do not always realize that our belief system determines the stress levels that we would experience in life. A positive attitude towards life results in a cheerful disposition and lower levels of stress. A negative, pessimistic attitude has a completely opposite impact upon us. Hence, it is important to examine the belief system that we endorse in order to minimize stress levels.

* Too much Socializing: This is an important but often unacknowledged way of accumulating stress. A tendency to socialize more suggests an alpha trait in your personality, a desire to be one step ahead of everyone. Individuals with alpha traits go to great lengths to socialize and remain popular in their social network. This often raises the amount of stress suffered and turns the situation into a nightmare.

* Inability to cope with existing stress: This might sound as a surprise for some but it is a fact that inability to cope with existing levels of stress increases the level of stress experienced. Once it becomes evident that your existing strategies of managing are not working, you experience more stress.

* Lifestyle Habits: This is one stressor which goes unnoticed because there are too many things involved. Lifestyle plays an active role in not only giving stress but also inhibiting the process of recovering from stress.

These are some of the invisible stressors in life. However, this list is not exhaustive. Depending upon person to person there can be more as well.