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6 Steps to Manage Stress When You Work from Home

It is falsely presumed by many that those who work from home lead a stress-free life. On the contrary, studies have shown that the amount of stress experienced by those working from home is far greater than those who work from an office. The reasons are inherent within the freelance work arrangement due to which stress can not be avoided but only decreased. If you too are working from home then take help from the following tips:

Step 1: Prioritize Things in Your Life

When you are working from home then it becomes imperative for you to multi-task. This may sound easy but in reality it is extremely difficult. Often there is physical and psychical exhaustion that follows multi-tasking. Stress is an eventual outcome of it. Hence, avoid stress by avoiding multi-tasking.

You can use journal for this. Writing the things on a paper takes off extra burden of your mind. You no longer need to stress your mind or feel anxious for doing less important thing prior the more important task, and then suffer from the deadline pressure unnecessarily.

Step 2: Take one thing at a time.

You can do so by prioritizing things in your life. You have to accept the fact that not all things might get your attention at the same time. There would always something or the other which would be left out. What you need to do is to leave out the least important things in your life. Prioritize things and start saying NO to those which you think do not deserve your immediate attention.

Step 3: Identify all stressors in your life and learn to manage them.

After knowing people and situations that stress you, you need to change your reaction and do not get angry or upset when you face such situations/ people who stress you. For this you need to learn to avoid or alter such people/situation. Or for that matter, simply accept the situation and then act wisely. Adapting to the stressor works good for you in the long run. And you learn to face the stressful situations in life without harming the self.

Step 4: Make Your Work-Environment Stress Free

This can be done quite easily. All you have to do is remove all those things from your workspace which give the impression of relaxation and holidaying. Also, remove everything which distracts you.

For example- remove things that need your attention from time to time. That ways you would be able to complete your tasks more quickly, thereby reducing your stress levels. You also need to say NO to people who distract your attention or stress you often.

Step 5: Keep Important Things for the Weekends

There are a lot of important things which need our attention during hectic times. Address them only if they demand immediate attention. Otherwise, simply put them off till the weekend. Also, try to finish as much household tasks as possible during the weekends. That is the only time when you would be able to give undivided attention to them. This would also help when you will work during the weekdays.

Step 6: Make Use of Online Facilities

Today most services have shifted on to the internet. Make use of them in order to complete your tasks well in time, be it work related or home related. While doing so, just take care of one thing. Availing all these services without having to do anything may force your mind of your allocated budget. While the arrangement may initially look good, you should pay more importance to your budget balance sheet rather comfort. The bottom-line is that you have to be reasonable whenever shopping online.