How to Destress

Meditate Daily to Reduce Stress

Meditation is all about temporarily removing your mind's attention from the issues connected with daily living. It means emptying your mind from time to time of all such mundane thoughts. You may contend that it is very difficult to do this. You might state that as long as a person is conscious, his/her mind cannot be bereft of thoughts.

You have a valid point here. However, you will find that it is very much possible to temporarily cut yourself off from the stressful thoughts pertaining to your specific conditions of living. Not only is it possible, but it is very much recommended to do so. The reason is that it helps you to reduce the stress levels that your mind is continuously subject to in daily living.

A continuously and highly stressed mind detracts from an individual's mental health and stability. A highly stressed mind for long periods can result in anxiety and depression in you. Once such mental illnesses take abode in your mind your mental stability, balance, and health are in grave danger. Further, once your mental balance is disturbed, physical ill health will not be far behind.

What you need to do to temporarily cut yourself off from the thoughts that stress your mind?
A conscious mind cannot be bereft of thoughts. Therefore, it is important to set aside a short period of time say twenty minutes daily when you do something else that makes you forget all about the stresses of daily living. This diversionary strategy is meditation. It consists in concentrating on an activity or thought process that helps break the vicious cycle of stressful thoughts in your mind.

Traditional meditation techniques are not important here. It is not mandatory that you sit in a Yogic pose, concentrate on a point in space, and breathe deeply to meditate. It is not even necessary to learn Chinese Tai Chi or Qui Gong, which are other forms of meditation.

All you need to do is to do virtually anything that you as a specific individual find suitable. It must enable you to temporarily make your mind take a much needed daily vacation from the stresses of daily existence. It is important to select an activity that you like. Every individual can find his/her own different meditation process that works.

For some persons, solving a quick clues crossword puzzle or playing or listening to music works. For some Sudoku works wonders. For some persons, simply thinking about the true love in their life and expressing their love and gratitude to her/him can help to break the chain of stressful thoughts.

For some others, a solitary walk in the woods is a good stress buster. It helps to reflect on your lifestyle in relative peace. Silence and meditation are closely associated. You cannot really concentrate/meditate in a noisy environment.

Meditation is the mental health equivalent of exercise in physical health. Both are simple techniques and expect regularity of use from you. Using them together on a regular basis definitely results in a much more cheerful and healthy you.