Stress Techniques

Get Rid Of Stress With Guided Imagery

Guided imagery has been known as a really effective tool to fight stress initially. In simple words, it can be described as elaborate daydreaming. This stress management technique helps you put yourself in a relaxing situation and puts you at ease. It is a simple process and gives a lot of pleasure as well as peace of mind. Once you master guided imagery, you could even use it to control your mind and thoughts.

If you are considering using guided imagery for stress management, you may consider using the technique on your own or seek a professional's help for the same. An imagery tape or your own imagination is used to put your in a relaxed environment. The environment that you envision has great detailing so that you are able to involve all your senses in the same.

There are several benefits of using guided imagery for stress management. Guided imagery offers you insight and helps you be where you want. It also offers you relaxation within a matter of few minutes. Guided imagery not just helps you work on your mental state but offers physical endurance too. To add on, it is safe too and does not cause any side effects like several other medicinal solutions to stress. Besides, it does not take much time and helps you ward off stress in a matter of few minutes.

On the downside, guided imagery can prove to be an expensive stress management technique. If you are constantly indulging in several sessions with an imagery expert, the cumulative cost may be quite high. Also, it takes some time before you learn to master this stress management technique. But once you learn it, you can also use it to promote wisdom and insight.

How to use guided imagery to fight stress?

1.    Just put yourself in a comfortable position (sit straight or lie down).
2.    Practice deep breathing.
3.    Close you eyes and try to imagine the most beautiful scene you would like to be in. It could be a landscape comprising of river and waterfalls, grass and trees, deep woods, snow clad mountains or anything you like. You may put soothing music alongside.
4.    Now just try to pull all your senses into it. Smell the fragrance, feel the fresh air, hear the music of flowing water.
5.    Remain in that state for as long as you want. Enjoy the surrounding that you are in. As long as you are enjoying the virtual environment, you stay away from your reasons of stress.
6.    When you'll return, you are bound to feel more calm and quite.

Try guided imagery for stress management and you will be able to ward off stress in the most enjoyable manner.