Stress Techniques

Meditation Is The Only Stress Management Activity

Do you think that an individual is a self-contained personality? It is proved beyond doubt that you use less than 5% of the actual powerhouse that you are! The rest of the energy is not utilized by a human being! You can activate through meditation, as you reach the higher levels, brain chemicals that slow your aging process and dramatically increase your functional life. Through medication you can have the inner vision and mind-blowing experiences.

You may wonder, how meditation could be one of the stress management activities! In fact, it is not just one of the stress management activities. It is the only one! Other techniques are kindergarten stuff before this ultimate tool of stress management. Meditation kindles the light within.

Take this example, and try to understand the benefits of meditation as a tool that controls the stress. Suppose you enter a dark room and switch on the tube light. Then, it is not necessary for you to inform or urge the darkness to go away. The moment light arrives, darkness goes automatically. Similarly, the moment the light experience takes hold on you, the negative tendencies will fall apart, automatically. They move out, without being told. Light and darkness can not stay at the same place. Similarly, stress and peace of mind cannot walk together. Can two persons walk together, except they be agreed?

What are the universally accepted negative tendencies of an individual? Prominent among the galaxy of negative traits are, anger, fear, anxiety, sadness and greed. These simple looking negativities, are deeply entrenched within you, and you have to go their roots to remove them. The positive qualities like creativity, improved focus and concentration can meet the challenge of stress effectively.

Listening to soothing music, and inspiring talks through video/audio cassettes, has found a prominent place among the stress management activities.

In the final analysis, stress management is all about understanding your mind. Engage it in a frank silent talk. It has the habit of not listening to you and running its own way. You can check it through meditation and begin to control it. In the end, I will assure you, that it has no other option but to surrender at your feet!

I will also caution you that it will do so, after lots of struggle and by offering you stiff resistance, at every stage!