Stress Techniques

Meditation Nullifies The Stress Effect!

Light and darkness can not remain at the same place at the same time. Similarly, stress and meditation can not remain at the same place. If you meditate regularly, there will be no stress in you. In that situation, what is there for you to manage? You will be like the manager, without the portfolio!

 What is the source of stress? It is the agitations and waves in your mind. Mind does not have an independent status. It doesn't have its own territory. It doesn't even have a small plot, to call its own. It is a bundle of thoughts. Mind is minding. When it gets the minding business, more than its capacity, it is said to be under stress.

Thought process is a continuous process. It can't be stopped as such. But the true import of your thoughts can be understood. Medication is a great technique to understand your thoughts. When you properly reflect upon your thoughts, you will realize that they do not have any power as such. They try to overpower you with their 'mind-blowing' tricks. When you make them understand their true nature, they wag their tail like a faithful, obedient dog!

Meditation calms you down and in the process, nullifies the stress effect. Can you gain anything from negative thinking- which is the cause of stress? Meditation works at three levels of your personality to reduce and remove your stress.

They are: the physical level, the mental level and the spiritual level. It relaxes the various important parts of your body such as, the brain, the lungs, the blood and the heart. These are the areas where the maximum numbers of 'failures' occur. Meditation is the panacea to tackle all the shortcomings in the human system.

When you meditate regularly, psychologically you improve. The degree of your mental alertness, health and happiness also increase. You feel like the recharged cell. The feelings of anxiety, fatigue and tension are gone.

Meditation is also a technique. It is not to stop all thoughts and create a sense of vagueness in your mind, as some people think. It is a dynamic silence- a state of dynamism without destruction.

During the initial state of meditation, when your try to control the mind, it will refuse to obey your commands. It is so far accustomed to a particular type of functioning. But you must control it. Not stop it from functioning. It should move forward, no harm even if it gallops, but let it be well controlled by the geans!

Meditation is a silent, all-powerful tool that has capacity to remove your stress for ever! As you practice meditation, it will become your way of life!