How to Destress

Why Meditate To Relieve Stress?

If you have been dealing with constant stress, there are numerous stress-relieving techniques that you can use to your benefit. However, if you wish to stay stress free always, meditation is one of the best choices that you have.

Meditation works in more than just one ways to help you stay stress free. Firstly, it reverses the stress response. While stress puts your body in a fight or flight mode, meditation puts the body in a calm and composed state. As a result, meditation enables the body to heal and restore itself, thereby keeping chronic stress at bay.

Furtheron, meditation offers various other benefits- both, at the physical and the psychological level. Here are some of them.

* It normalizes your heart rate.
* It slows down your breathing, enabling the body to utilize inhaled oxygen more optimally.
* It reduces the production of cortisol in adrenal glands, which again lowers stress levels.
* It slows down the aging process of your mind.
* It clears your mind, thereby improving creativity.
* It improves immune function.
* It makes it easier to give up addictive habits like smoking, alcohol and drug abuse.

With so many benefits, meditation does serve as a solution to stress.

The pros and cons
Meditation as a stress relief technique has both its pros and cons. On the positive side, meditation is an absolutely low cost and safe way to battle stress. You can practice meditation just about anywhere and everywhere. However, if you need guidance, you can refer to various meditation videos on the web. In addition, you may also seek the help of an expert.

On the downside, meditation requires a great deal of practice before you begin to gain full advantage. Also, one needs ample patience when learning to meditate. In some cases, it may be difficult to find the privacy needed to meditate. Gaining expertise here could be a little difficult. However, it is going to be worth the time and energy spent.

Practicing meditation
To start off with meditation, find a quiet corner in your house. Sit in a relaxed position and close your eyes. The idea is to clear your mind. You could focus on a spiritual chant like 'Om'. Alternatively, you may focus on your breathing or absolutely nothing at all. As you meditate, you will be distracted by numerous thoughts. You need to shun these distractions for at least 5 to 20 minutes. Practice this each day till the time you are completely experienced. It is suggested that you practice meditation at the same time and same place for maximum benefit.

Get started with meditation and you could keep stress at bay forever.