Stress Medications

Bust Stress With Zyprexa

Zyprexa stress medication is particularly used to treat certain extreme psychotic disorders such as bipolar disease (manic depression) and schizophrenia. While there's no proven information on how it works, it is thought to change the actions of specific chemicals found in the brain.

Sometimes, the medication is teamed with Prozac or Sarafem which contains the chemical compound fluoxetine. This combination is used to treat depression symptoms if in case, two or more medications have failed to cure the condition previously.

Some Quick Tips
Zyprexa may take upto four weeks to show any abatement in the symptoms and should be taken as prescribed for the given period of time. If symptoms persist even after the four week time period, then it is best to consult your local physician.

Before taking the medication however, one needs to follow certain simple tips. For example, it is advisable to not get up too fast from a sitting or lying position after taking the medication as it may lead to dizziness. Also, drinking alcohol is prohibited while you are taking the medication as it may result in a flare up of side effects. Taking steps to prevent conditions like dehydration and overheating is also necessary as it is easy to suffer from both while on this medication. To combat this one must take in enough fluids especially during high temperatures and exercise.

Furthermore, Zyprexa is not for everyone and if you are suffering from any of the following conditions, you would ideally need to take a special test or dose adjustment in accordance to them.

* Liver disease and kidney disease
* Heart disease and rhythm problems, high blood pressure
* High cholesterol
* A history of breast cancer, stroke or heart attack
* Seizures or epilepsy
* A family history of diabetes
* Difficulty in urinating or an enlarged prostate
* Glaucoma
* Problems with swallowing

Side effects
As with any medication, Zyprexa has certain side effects which one must be aware of before taking it. It can induce high blood sugar levels in the patient with a series of side symptoms such as increased thirst and urination, loss of appetite, nausea and or vomiting, dry skin and mouth and drowsiness. If already diagnosed with diabetes, one needs to constantly check their blood sugar levels on a regular basis.

The medication, however, cannot be used to treat alternate conditions such as dementia and can lead to serious issues. Olanzapine- the chemical component used in Zyprexa can cause heart failure, pneumonia or sudden death in older adults who suffer from dementia. Also, it is wise to consult a doctor before taking the medication if the patient is pregnant or breast feeding.