Stress Techniques

Autogenic Training For Stress Management

Autogenic training helps you get rid of stress by bringing your body in a meditative state. It helps you become more aware of the bodily sensations, which ultimately enables relaxation. It reverses the effect of stress caused on the body.

This stress management technique may be used to treat both short term stress as well as chronic stress. In addition, it may also be used to cope with several conditions that are related to chronic stress such as high blood pressure and irritable bowel syndrome.

There are several verbal and visual cues that can help you get rid of tension. Autogenic training teaches you how to respond to these relaxing cues. It enables you to focus on relaxing images and phrases. Further on, it also conditions positive and relaxed feelings in your mind. The result is that you experience a warm and relaxed feeling throughout the body.

A Sample Session Of Autogenic Training
Before you start off with autogenic training, you need to choose a calm and quiet spot at home. Wear loosely fitted clothes that make you feel comfortable. Once you are comfortable enough, go through the following steps to practice autogenic training.

1.    Sit in a comfortable position. Choose a position that offers support to the entire body.
2.    Now start rolling your head in half a circle in front of you. Roll your head towards the sides alternatively.
3.    Take a deep breath so that the air you inhale reaches your stomach. Slowly exhale. Concentrate on your breathing trying to ensure that it is rhythmic.
4.    As you breathe, envision a relaxing scene in your mind. The best thing to imagine would be waves.
5.    With each breath, feel your body relaxing. Let the waves of relaxation wash over each and every part of your body.
6.    Now say an affirmative thought to yourself. You could say something like, "I feel calm, quite and relaxed".
7.    Focus one by one on every body part. You could imagine soaking the particular body part in hot water.

For best results, it is advised that you practice autogenic training twice a day.

Precautions and contraindications
While autogenic training is a highly effective stress management technique, there are some things that you need to keep in mind. This stress management technique is not advised for anyone who is suffering from mental disorders. Further on, people suffering from heart conditions, blood pressure problems and diabetes should practice autogenic training only under the supervision of a physician.

Go ahead and practice autogenic training and get rid of stress naturally but make sure that you exercise caution.