Stress Techniques

The Best Breathing Exercises For Stress Relief

If you are trying to fight stress then breathing exercises can be of great help. Here are some of the best breathing exercises for stress relief.

Breathing to relieve stress
1.    Sit or stand in a relaxed position.
2.    Slowly take a deep breath through your nose and count till five in your mind.
3.    Now release the breath through your mouth and count till eight.
4.    Repeat the process several times and it's done!

Karate breathing meditation
1.    Sit cross legged or in any other position that you find comfortable.
2.    Close your eyes. Your back should be straight and shoulders relaxed.
3.    Take a deep breath while you are expanding your belly. Hold it till the count of six. Exhale. Repeat this twice.
4.    Now focus on your breath. Inhale through the nose and exhale through your mouth. Expand your belly as you exhale.
5.    As you breathe, feel the air move within your body.
6.    Practice this for as long as you want.

Visualization breathing
1.    Close your eyes and relax. Let your breathing become slower and slower till the time it reaches a relaxed state.
2.    Now start breathing from your diaphragm or belly. Make sure that you do not force the breathing.
3.    As you are able to focus on your breathing, start visualizing. Visualize an environment that is soothing to you. You could visualize yourself in surroundings full of trees and birds chirping. This will make you feel more relaxed.
4.    Imagine that your limbs are getting more and more loose with every single breath. Think of your body as a pool of water.
5.    Continue this exercise for five to twenty minutes.

Three part breathing
1.    Lie down on the back and close your eyes. Your face should be relaxed.
2.    Now focus on your breath and the thoughts that are going on in your mind. In case, there are certain distracting thoughts in your mind, make sure that you avoid them.
3.    Inhale through the nose and expand your belly as you inhale.
4.    Exhale and draw your belly towards your spine. This will help make sure that there is no air in your belly.
5.    Repeat this for five breaths.
6.    Now again inhale filling your belly with air. When your belly is full with air, inhale a little more. The extra air will go into your rib cage widening the ribs apart.
7.    Exhale allowing the air in the rib cage to pass of first. Then throw out the air in the belly, bringing the navel towards the spine.
8.    Repeat the deep belly and rib cage breathing for five times.
9.    Now inhale filling the belly and rib cage with air. Then inhale in a little more air filling up your chest.
10.    Exhale first releasing the air in the upper chest then from the rib cage and finally the belly. Make sure that you draw your belly towards your spine.

Try these breathing exercises and you will be able to ward off stress in an effective and affordable way.