Stress Techniques

How to Give Dynamic Stress Management Presentations - Part 1

You may either need to  give a presentation on stress management or conduct a workshop to deal with the topic. This could depend purely on your line of work.

You can organize a workshop to deal with stress management. Generally someone who conducts a  stress management workshop can be a public speaker, physician, counselor or yoga teacher.

What are the qualities of a person who speaks at a stress management seminar or workshop? Generally you are looking for a person who has positive energy, dynamism and knowledge. The person should go down well with the public and should be able to communicate in a clear way. The person should have the ability to give tips on stress reduction off the cuff.

In case you know stress management techniques, you are best suited for the job. You should have each part of the presentation well thought out and prepared. Of course the audience will judge your presentation and you can always improve it based on feedback. Keep on refining your presentation until you have a masterpiece. Make sure that your sessions are designed in such a way that you encourage audience participation.

Health care workers have stress. People dealing with customer service and manufacturing sector also deal with stress. Make sure you know your audience well before the presentation. Do a little bit of research on the specific requirements of the audience. Give examples of situations that the audience is familiar and will be able to identify with. Use language and jargon which is specific to the profession of the audience.

To give dynamic stress management presentations, you need to promote interest, understanding and participation in masses. You also want that your audience should respond in a nice way. You should also expect strong reactions or criticism to your presentation. Your points should have credibility. In case your points are credible, you will have positive reaction from the audience. Experts will work on your speaking voice for further projection, clarity and pitch. Voice can be further enhanced by audio recorder, digital recorder and video recorder.