Stress Techniques

How to Give Dynamic Stress Management Presentations - Part 2

You need to start off your  presentation by being assertive and confident. Never start of by being diffident. It doesn’t vibe well with the audience. It is okay to crack a joke now and then during your presentation. Humor goes a long way in explaining a point. However do not start your presentation by cracking a joke. It tends to sideline the main issue in the discussion. Remember, you are not doing comedy show. You are making a presentation.
Start your presentation with a good morning and an introduction. Set the tone and the enthusiasm level in the following possible fashion. Good Morning everyone! My name is Jacques Gerard and I am going to present you with 6 ways to beat stress. This will set the ball rolling for the entire workshop and will ensure audience participation. They will be with you from that point onwards.

During the presentation, you can tell them about your own personal achievements in this area. This is a very important part of your presentation. Keep it brief, and to the point. It is always tempting to talk about yourself. The presentation is more about them, than it is about you. In case you flatter yourself  things can become boring both for you as well as the audience. Don’t fall into the trap and bore your audience. This will increase your credibility and will explain as to why you are up there giving a  presentation.

During the presentation you can list your complete biography in your written materials or handouts. Do not distribute written material till the presentation finishes. The reason is that the audience will be distracted in case you serve the material before the presentation finishes. Finish off one thing at a time. That way you will be able to complete each task, well.

Earn the respect of the audience by connecting with them. Do not go in for too many props or speeches. Make your presentation ex tempore. Go with the flow, but do have a minimum roadmap in mind. Your presentation will come out with a natural flow and will be successful.