Stress Techniques

Indian Head Massage – For Stress Relief

Indian head massage is also called champi in the Indian tradition and language. In this head massage, you use oils to massage and groom the hair. This encourages the growth of lustrous  hair. The massage starts from the neck and the shoulders. This message is also done on scalp and face. It  stimulates and relaxes the body.

Indian head massage is a good  treatment for relieving headaches and eye strain. It also provides great relief to tense joints and muscles. These massages give you relief from accumulated tension. Indian head massage gives great relief from stress. It relaxes the body, improves blood circulation in the head and helps you to think better.

The  neck, head and shoulders are the parts of the body which usually get tense. Indian head massage provides great relief to these particular points.

It is generally very difficult to work on the areas of the head and neck. Indian head massage caresses these parts of the body. It provides almost immediate relief on the scalp and face. As per the eastern philosophy, this massage has a soothing effect on the three higher chakras, the mind body and the soul.

Indian philosophy emphasizes on chakra or wheel. It says chakra is a center of vital energy. As per eastern thought, if the top three chakras are balanced, the rest 4 chakras vibrate in balance. This is the secret of good physical and mental healthy in a person.

Indian head massage has tremendous benefits. It is a very effective treatment for insomnia and depression. It helps to increase oxygen and blood supply to the brain. It helps to improve the circulation of cerebrospinal fluid. The Indian head massage destroys toxins that are accumulated in the head. It is a great tool to boost the immune system. It restores the growth of hair and scalp. Indian head massage restores joint movement, mobilizes neck and shoulder tissues. It is also a vital tool to rebalance vital energy flow in the body. It is advisable to wear loose and comfortable clothing during Indian head massage. There is no need to remove your clothing.