Stress Techniques

Kill Stress Via Thought Awareness

There are numerous techniques that can help you manage day to day stress, one of them is thought awareness. Thought awareness, as the name implies, refers to understanding your own thoughts. It involves understanding your own fears and thought process. It helps you stay more aware of what is going in your head.

You cannot drive away stress through the same route via which it enters your life. For this, it is important that you know the route via which stress travels into your life. Thought awareness helps you with this. It helps you know when and how you begin to feel stressed. It also makes you understand that the things you feel which add to your stress. Once, you know these things you can easily rectify them and kill stress forever.

There are numerous methods of using thought awareness for stress management. One way to practice thought awareness would be to think about an upcoming event. Think about a stressful event or any stressful situation that is likely to pop up in the near future. Follow the course of thoughts that run through your mind. The idea here is not to suppress any negative thoughts, but to study them. You need to know what and how you think when faced with a stressful event. Try to write down the series of thoughts as they occur to you.

Maintaining a stress diary is another way to practice thought awareness. In this dairy, you are required to log in anything that causes stress for more than a few days. You could also note events that bring in unpleasant memories or trigger negative thoughts. When you go through the stress diary or try to analyze, you will be able to note your stress pattern in a much better manner. It will also help you understand the series of thoughts that your mind goes through.

Once you have been able to analyze your thought process via thought awareness, the next step is to challenge your thoughts. Try to ascertain what you think is correct or not. Find out answer to questions like - Am I being plain insecure or is my stress justified? Do I really need to worry so much about things? Are things really beyond control? In most cases, you will find that you were getting stressed or thinking negatively for nothing.

Practicing thought awareness and challenging your own thoughts over a period of time will help you get rid of stress. Since thought awareness is quite a sensitive practice, you need to be careful and consistent to achieve your aim. So, be aware of your thoughts and you will be able to steer clear of stress successfully.