Stress Techniques

Self Hypnosis Or Auto Suggestion For Stress Management

Stress is more than often a result of the state of the mind. Hypnosis can help alter the state of your mind by directing messages at the subconscious realm of your brain. This helps relieve stress. If you wish to ward off stress via hypnosis, you will need an expert for the same. However, you can eliminate the need for an hypnosis expert by learning self hypnosis.

Self hypnosis works on the same lines as hypnosis. The only difference is that self hypnosis allows you to control your own minds and thoughts where as in hypnosis the control lies with another individual. In fact, it is better than hypnosis as you can do it as and when you desire.

This stress management therapy works on the lines of 'relaxation response'. It helps relax your body and lets the stress hormone subside. Also, it deviates your attention from unpleasant thoughts. This puts your body at ease, which ultimately helps ward off stress.

To make best possible use of self hypnosis, affirmations are extremely important. Affirmations refer to positive statements that you make to yourself in the process of self hypnosis. These affirmations counter the negative statements and unpleasant thoughts that exist in your mind to help ward off stress. When you reinforce these positive statements in your mind, you are able to ward off stress in a much better manner.

How To Practice Self Hypnosis?
Practicing self hypnosis is not at all difficult and the following easy steps can make it easier for you.

1. Find a quite place and some free time for yourself.
2. Set a comfortable position for yourself. You could lie down, sit in a cosy chair or sit cross legged. Figure out a position that works best for you.
3. Select a positive statement which is supposed to serve as the goal of your session. It could be anything like, "I want to be more organized and balanced." Make sure that your positive statement does not contain any negative words as the mind may register the negative word. This will completely deter the effect of self hypnosis.
5. Take a deep breath. Try to expand your abdomen while you inhale. Try to calm yourself and feel the spread of fresh air all through your body.
6. Imagine a soothing environment for yourself and keep walking deep into it. It could be any quiet place that you like.
7. Now when you are completely into it. Repeat the phrase you set forth as your goal. Try to feel the sound of those words and visualize them.

Understand the fact that hypnosis takes time. So, don't worry if you are not really happy with the initial results. Keep trying!