Stress Techniques

Stress Management Games: Chinese Stress Balls

Chinese medical theory states that our fingers are connected with our heart and other main organs. By using Chinese stress balls, acupuncture points on our hands are stimulated, which in turn improves blood circulation and relaxes muscles and joints. Chinese stress balls are thus one of the most popular stress management games.

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According to traditional Chinese belief, there are acupuncture points in the palm of hand. While exercising with the help of imprinted stress ball, the acupuncture points are stimulated, promoting better health. Here is a list of things these balls can do for you:

1) relieve stress
2) improve memory
3) relieve joint stiffness and soreness
4) relax your muscles and joints
5) promote sleep
6) stimulate blood circulation

To remain without activity, when you are under stress adds to stress. You get restless. With balls, you have something in your hand and you can squeeze it. It will take care of your concerns and tensions. It is a sort of diversion from the brooding state of mind.

These Chinese stress balls come in a pair. They are decorated with exotic designs and are delightful pieces of art. These custom balls are wear resistant, they are not breakable and the printed design does not easily come off. When your company message and logo is added to a stress ball, it gets transformed into an instrument using which your company gains exposure with paltry effort. Employees and customers love to receive these balls as they act as stress reliever. These come in diverse sizes to match the size of one's hand.

These balls also help you manage your stress and anger which is quite important for you. After all, your stress and health are very much related to each other. You can always get stress relief by herbal and natural stress management ways but these Chinese balls help you manage stress in a totally unique ways.