Stress Techniques

Walking - The Perfect Stress Reducer

Walking is an excellent stress reducer. As we all know it is a simple procedure. Any form of hectic physical activity will reduce stress levels. Physical activity improves blood circulation and calms jangled nerves. It also uplifts a bad mood. It releases feel good dopamine and serotonin which are neurotransmitters that help you relax and focus. That is exactly what walking helps you to do. Relax and focus. Walking can help improve self esteem. It is a recommended cure for depression.

When you do stress reducer activities, endorphins are released in your body. This generally happens in case of walking. Endorphins are potent chemicals in the brain. These chemicals give relief to pain. These chemicals help to relax the body to a great extent. The calmness and peace increase as the level of endorphins in the brain do. As per some stunning medical revelations, brisk walks for 20 to 30 minutes can have a soothing effect.

Walking helps you to be with yourself and to introspect. It is a great way to look over the day and ponder over what you could have done better throughout the day. It helps you plan for the next day. I have known people who used to practice their sales pitch while they were walking! Walking helps you let out the steam, the pent up emotions. It helps you unwind!

You need to follow a walking exercise program. It can act as a fantastic workout for you. It will tone up your mind. You will lose weight. Your body will have a nice shape. In case you want to be indoors, start a treadmill walking workout. Go to gym if possible. In healthy walking, one has to wall tall and straight. One should focus his eyes straight and forward during a walk. At the time of walk, your heart speeds up. The blood flow increases. This warms the muscles. The joints release lubricating fluid. You can walk more smoothly upon this release. Walking will provide everlasting benefit.