Stress Therapies

Use Color Therapy For Stress Management At Workplace

In today's stressful work environment, it is a must that you be aware of the various techniques of proper stress management. One of the best ways to manage stress is via Color Therapy. Different colors can have different effects on your mind and the time that you spend in color therapy would be enough to relieve and rest your body. A proper combination of both will be great to relieve stress.

Role of Various Colors
Each of the colors are related with the energy Chakras of your body. Therefore each of these colors hasĀ  different effect on your mind. Here is a look:

* Red: Red color is associated with the root chakra of the body and it is the source of energy that sustains life.
* Orange: Orange color is associated with the Sacral chakra. The role of orange is to keep an upbeat mood. It is the color that promotes optimism and signifies friendly bonding among people.
* Yellow: Yellow color is associated chakra of solar plexus. It is good if you are looking to manage stress and increase your creativity at the same time. You must however avoid too much yellow as it might make you critical and fill you with sarcasm.
* Green: Green color is associated with the chakra of your heart. It is also the color that represents harmony with people and things around you. One of the reasons behind this may be that the color is also associated with nature. It also has remarkable healing capabilities.
* Blue: Blue color is associated with your thyroid chakra. Blue color promotes the feeling of loyalty and truth in your mind. It also has some calming effects that control blood pressure. Please note that over exposure to blue can make you shy and timid.
* Indigo: Indigo color is associated with the brow chakra and it enhances your intuition.
* Violet: Violet is the color associated with your crown chakra. It is good to heal problems related to brain as well as general inflammation.

Your computer as a color therapist
If you work using a computer or a laptop, you can easily utilize it as a tool for color therapy. It is as simple as changing the background color of your desktop so that you get constant and subtle exposure to all the required colors. Alternatively you can use single color image files which can be easily created in MS Paint or by basic HTML code. If you work on multiple monitors, you can also have a window with that color image open so that you get to see it every once in a while.

Color therapy is a great stress management process and is simple enough to be usable at your workplace.