Stress Therapies

Flow Psychology For Stress Relief

Stress may be defined as a symptomless plague that destroys our physical and mental wellbeing. Moreover, the psychological implications of the same make it a difficult condition to treat, with regular medications. Fortunately, certain psychiatry based therapies can be used successfully to mitigate problems caused by chronic anxiety and tension. Flow psychology for instance, has proved to be particularly effective at negating stress and its many effects. Here's more.

Developed by eminent positive psychology contributor Mihaly Scikszentmihalyi; 'flow' is a form of activity that brings stress relief through life satisfaction. A person using this psychology will have clear goals, a diminished self consciousness and lesser awareness of time. He/she is instead; completely absorbed in the moment or the activity they're participating in and without any conscious thoughts on time and space.

Flow psychology can be experienced by groups as well as individuals. They may experience the flow together and find themselves creating greater harmony, productivity and job satisfaction as a result. Typically, there are nine different aspects of flow. However, the three main components of the same are more often used than others.

'Individual flow' has to do with personal space and downtime spent with oneself. Activities that make up a part of this flow are regular and relaxing and include reading, writing or exercising. Hobbies are encouraged as well and are looked upon as creative outlets that help people achieve a sense of balance within their lives. A suitable hobby can help you reconnect with people, express your emotions and maybe even find a new direction in life. Everyday household chores such as gardening or cleaning may also be used as flow psychology to relieve stress and anxiety.

The 'friends and family flow' encourages people to interact with their folks and pals. Adequate and appropriate human contact is known to be a great mood lifter. To benefit from the same, you can try scheduling game nights, dancing and volunteering activities with people whose company you truly enjoy. A simple night of quiet conversation could also help you connect with others and strengthen your social bonds; eventually leading to a sense of flow and satisfaction. Sharing jokes together will help you narrow emotional distances between yourself and others as well.

Lastly, the 'workplace flow' can work wonders for anyone who's bogged down by office anxieties and tensions. Brain storming sessions, team building exercises and optimal utilization of strengths, can all help promote a stress free environment and psyche. These measures go a long way in ensuring maximum creativity, productivity, motivation and overall satisfaction at the workplace.

Thus, you should definitely try flow psychology as a means to relieve stress and experience life in the most rewarding way.