Stress Therapies

Smudging is Effective for Stress Management

Gone are the days when stress relieving medications were the preferred choice to fight stress. Today, the world is switching to more natural therapies to bring down their stress levels. One such natural stress management technique is smudging. Smudging is a holistic approach towards stress management that helps calm your body by making use of certain herbs.

What is smudging?
Smudging is the process of burning certain herbs to cleanse the system.  Several dried herbs such as sage, cilantro, lavender, cedar etc are tied together and are known as a smudge stick. When this smudge stick is burnt, it creates a cleansing smoke bath. This smoke when inhaled purifies the system and provides relaxation.

How does smudging help in stress management?
The process of smudging involves burning of certain herbs. The smoke released during this process helps banish negative energies. It also helps promote physical, mental and spiritual balance. Several herbs are used in the process of smudging. Each of these herbs has its own role to play in stress management. Let us take a look at some of the herbs used and how they help fight stress.

Sage - This herb is believed to have a spiritual effect. It helps eliminate negative feelings, thoughts and evil spirits and makes you more optimistic and relaxed.

Cedar - Cedar is primarily a cleansing herb. It cleanses the body and eliminates various impurities, thus promoting overall health. This herb also helps attract positive energy.

Sweetgrass - This herb has a positive and calming influence over the body.

Fennel - It calms the nerves and reduces tension levels

Mugwort - This herb is known to stimulate dreams and vision. It also has a healing effect on the body.

Mullien - Mullien is considered very helpful for those dealing with emotional trauma. The smoke released from this herb is very grounding and claming.

Orris root - This herb helps improve the concentration. When burnt with celery seeds, orris root has yields better results.

Others - Besides the above mentioned herbs, several other herbs such as copal, pine, fir, hemlock and spruce are used in smudging. These herbs cleanse, detoxify and calm the system to provide stress relief.

How can I perform smudging?
If you want to use smudging to get rid of stress, then you may do it on your own or seek the services of an expert for the same. However, experts are a better choice as they have better knowledge of various herbs that need to be used in the process. There are several massage parlors and spas that can offer you smudging. You can go in for a weekly or a monthly smudge to ward off stress.

Go ahead and smudge yourself to keep stress at bay.