Types Of Stress

Children's Steps Keep Parents Under Stress

Being a parent is the biggest boon bestowed by nature. But, nowadays being a parent is also the biggest stressor! The ever-increasing generation gap has become a major cause of discontent between the parents and the kids.

The present scenario has pulled the parents under the umbrella of stress. Uncertainty about kids' future, dissatisfaction with the kids' behavior, disagreement with the kids' social circle, and other similar issues put parents under stress. Busy lifestyles have also resulted in un-matched emotional quotients leading to emotional stress. Parents and kids have no time for each other which further aggravates the situation.

Obviously, you have certain medications, therapies and techniques available to solve your problem but, it is always advisable to follow certain tips at the first go.

What should you do to manage the situation?

Try and engage yourself in a supportive social circle. Make friends and create a social group where you are able to recreate yourself. If you stay away from the thought of the stressor for some time, you are bound to refresh yourself. And once you are refreshed, you might also be able to see the other viewpoint.

Undertake time management techniques. Set a time table for your everyday routine. Include work, exercise, recreation and entertainment in it. Plan a time slot where all the members of the family are able to sit together and interact.

Practice stress management techniques. Yoga, personality test, self hypnosis, and the likes can be of great help. Practice them to emerge out of stressful situations.

Pamper your body. Give time to your body. Join a health club, go to parlor or salon, take care of your body. Bask in the glory of your beauty!

Do things that feed your aesthetic interests. Painting, listening to music, cooking and so on. Do what you like doing to feed your soul. Practice spirituality, if you like.

Make a budget for everything that you do. Some times in house financial issues lead to stress for parents. Try to frame a budget for everything that you do to avoid such circumstances.

Remember, you are not alone. If you have children, you are very likely to have stress. Today homes have become the most stressed places because emotional, psychological & mental wavelengths of parents and children do not match with each other. It is important to build a flexible environment to suit the requirements of both the segments.