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Adenosdine Cardiolite Stress Test

The Adenosine Cardiolite stress test is another form of test for those who are unable to walk on treadmill for various medical and non medical reasons. In this test, the effect of treadmill workout is brought about by adenosine medication that is administered into blood intravenously and Cardiolite is a radioactive substance that works as a tracer and helps in detection of coronary artery muscles inactivity through gama camera pictures or through other image taking devices. To know more about Adenosine Cardiolite Stress Test, read adenosine cardiolite stress test.

The medication adenosine results in dilation of arteries. If the heart's arteries are healthy, they will dilate more than arteries that are not healthy. Tracer helps in taking clear images. There are certain pre-requistes for Adenosine Cardiolite stress test. Following are not to be consumed for a few hours before test- coffee, tea, colas, chocolates or candies, frosting, cookies, pies, cocoa, milk that contains chocolate, aspirin products that contain caffeine such as Anacin or Excedrin, Persantin (dipyridamole), Theophylline or Theophylline containing products such as Constant -T, Primatene, Ouibron, Slo-phylline, and alike.

Diabetics and heart patients are allowed to take routine medication while on the test. Conclusion of the test is drawn on comparing images taken before injection of Adenosine, taken immediately after injection and taken after an hour of Cardiolite injection. Inferences could also be drawn with the help of electrocardiogram readings.

Adenosine Cardiolite stress test afflicts stress on heart to see how well heart can cope up with stress. In fact, heart is quite vulnerable to all kinds of stresses. Mental stress and tension is far more deadly than physical stress. It also has adverse effect on the heart. Constant anxiety and stress may result in cardiac complications. Health management and stress reduction are needed to do away with possibility of heart problems. Heart patients must be acquainted with stress management tips and certain stress management techniques. Personal stress management could be of great help in preventing heart disease and for that you can always go for stress management course and stress management training.