Stress Management

Cardio Stress Test

Cardio stress test is commonly meant to check the condition of heart and it is done on heart patients and others suspecting the disease to see effect of stress on heart due to exercises. Generally, it is known as exercise test. Heart disease may be an outcome of horrible stress management, stress anxiety and other stresses both, non-physical and physical types.

So, a person suffering from prolonged stress must go for cardio stress test to see the effect on heart. This cardio stress test keeps a person aware of all cardio related parameters. For more information on cardio stress test, read Cardio stress test

This test is primarily carried out to discover heart related maladies that may be due to various genres of stress. Before going for stress test, it's better not to eat, drink and smoke. EKG called electro cardiogram is a usual tool used to test heart abnormality.

Temperature, blood pressure, pulse and respirations are other parameters that are tested along with heart. Treadmill is used as a mode of test. Patient is put to exercise for a period suggested by the doctor then heart rate and other factors are analysed.

After the cardiac stress test, incase you feel a chest pain spreading to arms, you must immediately call a doctor as it is a sign of heart attack. Any trouble in breathing should also be reported.

Mostly stress facilitates heart disease so, you must be aware of stress management tips. Although, managing stress is an ordeal, different stress management tools and stress management techniques make it easier. When symptoms of stress on heart such as irregular breathing and difficulty in climbing upstairs are noticed, patient must rush immediately to health care provider.