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Causes Of Teenage Depression

Almost every teenager suffers from depression. Depression can be seen most commonly in teenagers. Depression in teenage does not only manifests it self in outward expressions of mood swings, smoking or drinking. It can have other serious manifestations as well.  A teenager is usually a happy go lucky individual who is bubbling with enthusiasm and ready to accept new challenges in life. At this point of life, teenagers are just poised to walk into adulthood.  A sensitive age is often full of rebellion. There are a number of expectations. However, the failure of fulfilling those expectations from life may lead to serious depression.

Depression in teenagers can be in form of bad mood, irritability, feeling of hopelessness and not being able to face pressure situations. If these symptoms exist over an extended period, the teenager may be suffering from teenage depression.


Symptoms in teenage depression are not very easy to observe. As at this age, teenagers have to suffer from high-pressure situations. The common symptoms of teenage depression are:

Irregular sleeping and binge eating or eating too little. 
Performing poorly in school and unable to concentrate on studies.
Significant weight gain or loss.
Not participating in activities like dancing, singing, playing and studying.
Not interested in interacting with friends and family.
Not remembering things.
Feeling guilty or worthless or suffering from low self esteem.
Feeling worthless.
Becoming cynical and critical of everything.
Become angry and restless.
Smoking and drinking addiction.


Reasons for depression differ in every adolescent. Sudden death of a loved one, parent's divorce, breaking up with girlfriend or boy friend or moving in a new area are some of the common causes of depression. Teenage depression can occur due to the continuous negligence by parents, friends or teachers. Absence of guidance, abuse and bullying, not being able to handle changes in a short life span or damage to self-esteem are some other causes that may lead to depression. Any major change that cannot be handled by them can be a cause of depression in many teenagers.

Depression can occur from experiences where a child gets any head injury or is sexually abused by some one. These memories remain and may surface to bring about long-term depression.

Lack of emotional support can also lead to stress and depression.

Regular intake of medicines will affect the brain that results depression.

Regular changes in hormones and body structure also cause depression, as they are not able to cope up with these changes.
Irregular food habits can also  cause several deceases that can become a cause of depression.

Depression can have adverse effects on the behaviors and attitude of a teenager.

Several other factors like lack of confidence, alcohol and drug-addiction reduce the ability of a teenager to cope with circumstances.

Teenage depression should not be taken lightly and should be treated in time. As soon as one observes a symptom of teenage depression, immediately consult with a doctor. Teenage depression is in the initial stage of life and if it is neglected then it can become a serious problem later on.