Stress Management

Ergonomics of Computer Stress Keep the track of technological changes

Ergonomics is the study of problems of the people which are in general related to the environment around them. Though the latest technologies have proved to be a boon for humankind, at times they are bound to create the problems for people and sometimes create negative impact. Ergonomics is also termed as a science of the study of working conditions of the people. The new technology tends to change with each passing day and this leads to high stress levels. In technical terms, it is also called computer stress.

People go through the stress levels which increase with time. The prime reason for it is that they want to constantly adapt to these technological changes. The high tech world has taken an extra advantage of man’s easy adaptation to any change. However, these changes have led to many health challenges and the stress is one of them.

When it comes to the changes and transition of technologies, it is not always bad. Positive change creates positive responses from the primitive mechanisms of your body and leads to happiness. Obviously, the negative change creates emotional stress. As per the tech statistics, in the past 10 years there is a big increase in productivity in the high tech world. This is definitely the result of extra work pressures on the professional. The progress happens but definitely at the cost of high increase in stress levels.

To counter technological stress, you have to keep one important thing in mind which is awareness. In case you are fully aware of the aftereffects of the technological changes, you have almost won half the battle and conquered tech stress which is also called computer stress.

With the awareness of new technological developments, you do not fall in the well of negative physical and emotional responses of stress. The negative responses are neck aches, back aches, sexual dysfunctions etc in case of emotional stress in the technological world, the person suffers lack of concentration. The person in this state shows poor motivation and poor communication and the person also suffers learning disabilities. Now we come to the conclusion that emotional stress becomes a prime area of study in ergonomics.