Stress Management

High Stress Means Low Self Esteem

Everyone in this world needs to lead a stress free life. The goal of hard work is not to land up in a stressful situation. In fact, it is the other way round. People want to work hard to have a stress free life.

Work, these days affect the health of people in a very adverse manner. People think that a stress free life is nothing but a myth. They think it is not actually possible to live without stress. People have a common conception that high stress levels destroy the self esteem of the person.

Stress as per medical science, is nothing but emotional, mental, physical and spiritual pain. You will realize this pain when you cannot do the things that you actually want to do. You suffer many losses in the process. You often curse yourself because you are at the wrong place at the wrong time. Your mind fails completely to make the  right decisions. It becomes a sort of grapes are sour policy for you.

Sometimes, you do not like the job you do. This creates high stress. The stress increases when you know that if you leave the job it will become more difficult for you to survive.

In the mean while, you do not want to forego your passions and desires. This creates further stress and problems for you. High stress creates makes you fearful of pursuing your passions. This ultimately prevents you from  realizing your passions. It is a vicious circle which creates more stress.  

In case a person leads a stress free life, the person feels alive. The person feels joy and a high level of motivation. On the other hand, high stress makes a person loose perspective and motivation.. To keep a stress free life, you need to notice and realize many things in life. You need to come out from a limiting thought process. You need to have a big and broader vision. A person who keeps high self esteem and high goals comes out victorious from adverse stress levels. The main reason is high level of determination of survival in the stress prone world.