Stress Management

Is Depression Making A Hell OF Your LIfe

Surely, everybody wants to be stress free but this is not possible as life is full of ups and downs. All people suffer from some sort of stress or depression in their lives as there are many causes of stress. In fact life during the great depression is not less than a hell. Stress is an emotionally disruptive or upsetting condition of mind which occurs in response to adverse external influences.

Stress raises the level of adrenaline (a hormone & a neurotransmitter) and corticosterone (a 21 carbon steroid hormone) in the body which leads to increase in the heart rate, respiration, and blood pressure and puts more physical stress on bodily organs. For more information on stress just read What Is Stress?

Managing stress or depression therefore becomes essential in this highly stressful world. Stress, anxiety and depression somewhat take the person towards a condition which further can lead to other serious problems. Coping stress is not a big deal now as you can employ many stress management techniques and stress management tips to gain stress relief.

Stress or depression can occur in different ages like teen stress, old age stress, also job stress and many other. So, life during the great depression is full of tension which adversely affects your health.