Stress Management

Non Stress Test

A non stress test is the measurement of fetal heart rate that is noticed by movements of fetus. Heart beat of a healthy fetus surges with movement of fetus. This test is carried out in very last of pregnancy or when baby is about to be delivered. Non stress test is not at all risky for baby, even procedure is a quite simple one. What matters most for the test is expert who is dexterous at performing this test and place where hundred percent pre natal care is available. To know more about it, read non stress test

Process of performing non stress test is easy and is as follows:

The test is usually done in prenatal testing chambers of a hospital. Expectant mother visits the place for the test in order to ensure no heart abnormality of expected baby. She is instructed to lie down and a belt is placed around the abdomen that is already attached with external fetal heart rate monitor.

The fetal heart beat is shown by the monitor and could also be printed out. The mother keeps pressing the button on the monitor with every feeling of movement of the fetus. It places a mark on the paper printout. Procedure could be continued for half an hour for comprehensive reading.

Non stress test could also be done during fetal sleep cycle. A special sound device is workable in awakening the fetus. It could be put on mother's abdomen. It gives sound like a buzzer.

Little heart rate increase is insignificant from the point of view of abnormality. While no response of fetal heart indicates possibility of some complication.

Symptoms of stress on heart could also be analysed even at pre natal stage with the help of this test. If mother remains under stress, the baby may also suffer from stress. So, expectant mothers must go for stress reduction and stress relief. Coping stress of pregnancy is inevitable for expectant mother. So, they must know stress management tips and stress management tools to do so. Knowing causes of stress ensure early remedy.