Stress Management

Psychological Effects Of Stress

Stress is a part and parcel of evryone's life, whether that be a teenager or an oldie. Increased stress is seen in people because of high competition and pressure. There are many adverse effects of stress, anxiety and depression. All these are one and the same thing. There are various causes of stress. There is job stress, work place stress, emotional stress, financial stress, and teen stress. There are physical, health, psychological and emotional effects of these different stresses. Stress is becoming a part of our life now. For more information on stress as part of life read Stress Is The Part Of Life

Stress effects the psychology of a person a lot. A person keeps on thinking about a situation or problem and gradually changes it in to stress. The main psychological effects of stress are:

We lose interest in our day to day activities because of stress. We are not able to concentrate on one thing. We lose interest in every other aspect of life. The only thing that we can do is take tension of the problem and this leads to excess of stress.

Other psychological effect of stress is losing power of discrimination. Our mind stops working correctly and we are not able to decide what is good and what is bad for us.

Depression is also one of the main psychological effects of stress. Stress effects psychology of a person directly and takes that person in to a state of depression because that person is not able take right decision.

All these are different psychological effects of stress and there are many ways of stress relief available to get rid of them. Stress management is the right way to deal with stress. Use different stress management techniques and stress management course to get rid of this silent killer, stress.