Stress Management

Shortcuts To Happy And Stress Free Life

A stress free life is a happy one and vice versa. However, the hectic and anxiety filled environment of the current day and age makes it difficult for most of us to find either of the two. Achieving contentment is not as difficult as it may seem though, and you can be both blissful and satisfied without having to try too hard. Here's a look at some of the most effective shortcuts to a happy and stress free life.

One of the gravest misconceptions about happiness is that it can be achieved by acquiring the next best thing- be it a better job, a better house or a better relationship. However, any pleasure received from the same is often fleeting and never really fulfilling. Truth is, you don't have to make drastic life changes to find gratification and indulging in the simplest of things could help you brighten up without delay.

Music, for instance, doesn't simply soothe the savage beast. It can also help calm the stressed out mind. Moreover, it has the ability to change one's mood and even uplift it. Doctors and medical institutions around the globe recognize the power of melody and often use it as a therapeutic aid to encourage pain management and emotional health. Certain types of music- especially those with a major tone- are considered to be particularly effective at reducing stress and promoting happiness. So, the next time you need an instant 'pick me up', simply turn on the stereo and listen to the most upbeat tune you can find.

Laughter is probably the best remedy for stress and depression. It doesn't just alter your mood, but also boosts your immune system and prolongs life. A simple moment of mirth can help elevate your mood and is also very easy to come by. A sitcom on the TV or a simple joke telling session; coupled with a sense of humor could prove to be a lifesaver on many different levels.

A simple change of perspectives can also prove to be the key to lasting happiness. Refrain from comparing and complaining and you could be on your way to finding enduring bliss. Don't try to 'keep up with the Jones's' and re-evaluate your expectations of life. Never look at what you don't have and instead, focus on what you do have- and others don't. While some people may have more; there are several others who don't have half of what you do.

There are several other shortcuts to achieving a happy and stress free life as well. These include doing a good deed, meditating and simply choosing to be joyful. So, do remember that the key to contentment lies in your hands and if you're determined enough; you can attain it almost instantly.