Stress Management

Side Effects Of Stress

Stress is one of the main problem which almost everyone is facing today. You can get stressed at every place. It could be related to financial problem, family problem, job, workplace or relationships. No place exists where you will not get stressed. But, what we forget before taking stress is that there are many side effects of it. We must not take stress to avoid ill effects of anxiety and stress. For more information on stress read What Is Stress

The main side effects of stress is depression. Excess of stress could lead to depression. When we are not able to cope up with the work pressure then stress starts building in our mind. This tension and anxiety leads to depression.

Other side effects of stress are weight gain and poor immunity. A person gains weight because calorie intake increases in stressful conditions. Our immune system doesn't work correctly because the cells, fighting diseases are deployed and our body is not able to fight against diseases.

Other side effects of stress are headache, insomnia and lack of concentration. All these side effects of stress halt physical, emotional and mental movements of our body.

There are many ways available for stress relief. You can opt for stress management tools, stress management techniques, herbal stress management treatment, stress management products to reduce stress, anxiety and depression. You can also deal with stress by joining stress management activities and stress management games. This will definitely teach you how to deal with stressful situations lightly.