Stress Management

Stress and College Students

Stress is a psychological reaction to issues and events that are part of one's environment. College is usually one of the most stressful times of our lives. It comprises of mounting pressures and lingering anxieties, heart-pounding emotions and all-night panics. The agony is about making Herculean decisions and coping with small problems. All of us undergo stress as college students and cope with it in our own way.

Anxiety and stress are inseparable ingredients of college life. It is a period when we have to face all sorts of conflicting pressure relating to academics, growing up and relationships.  College students work hard, they do a number of things outside their class, trying to plan out what their future, keeping in touch with family and friends, and number of other things. Stress as a part of college life is natural. It prepares us not only for our stint in college but also for life afterwards.

The key to success when you face stress whether in college, work or just about any situation is to learn how to manage and handle stress. Set your goals when you are in college.  Divide the goals in terms of those that are to be achieved in a short term and long term. Make a schedule that allows you to achieve your goals and make sure you stick to the schedule.

There are times when you are bound to feel bouts of stress and burnouts.  Exercise is an excellent way to handle burnout. There is nothing like a brisk early morning jog to get ready for the challenges of a new day. It is important to think and act in a positive manner.

If you are a college student and you find it difficult to cope with stress, then you should speak to a friend, a roommate or a student counselor for advice.

Stress is something that we will face throughout our life. If we learn to manage it in college, we will be able to handle it through our life.