Stress Management

Stress Management: Are You a Workaholic - Humorous View

Here comes another Labor Day. It is an event which has a lot of significance for the whole world.

The industries of the world are dependent on the labor force. Labor Day reminds you to take a look at the work place in your lives. Many people consider working sincerely as their main goal. They consider that work   only as a means to an end. These people become workaholics. They need stress management to cope with stress in their life.

Many people in this world treat work as a source of joy. Some people consider work as a big addiction in their life. These people become very attached to the work with the passage of time. Such people are called workaholics. As a matter of fact, in scientific terminology, addiction to work is called workaholism.

There is a very interesting thing about workaholism. The interesting thing is that it is one of the most accepted addictions in society. The society salutes the rising sun. Workaholics command great respect and praise in the society. The society values and respects them irrespective of the sufferings involved with workaholism. These people are called the rising stars of the society. In fact, these people are called the mentors of the future generation.

A workaholic needs humor in his life. It is very important for him. He can defend himself from stress in case he has the right sense of humor. The workaholic needs to look at serious subjects in a humorous way. This attitude will cut the workaholic’s stress levels. The workaholic should definitely watch a comedy series at home or a funny movie at the  theater if at all he gets time. This will be a major boon to cut his or her stress levels.

Mostly, the workaholics of the society are dependent on technology to a very large extent. The prime reason is that time is very precious for these people. These people depend much on the instant things in life. These people generally have some work force at home which reduces their stress apart from their daily routines. The height of the matter is that the workaholics depend on the answering machines for many crucial queries about lunch and dinner timings. This definitely reduces their stress.