Stress Management

Stress Management: Sharks and Dolphins at Work

The marine biologist has to deal with the stress management in a very peculiar way. He needs to keep  calm under all circumstances. There are times when the biologist has to deal with  carnivorous sharks in the deep blue ocean. He needs to have an instant control on the stress factor that engulfs his mind and body as he sees the dangerous jaws of a shark.

Becomes of stress factor, the marine biologist at times may get confused about the difference between the shark and a dolphin. Such is the effect of stress. The main problem is that you cannot fight with a shark in the sea. There is a major difference between dolphins and sharks. There is a clear difference as far as biology is concerned. You fail to sometimes notice this difference because of the fear of stress factor. This definitely can cost you your life. The difference between dolphins and sharks is that you can trust the former but cannot trust the later.

There are many distinct traits in dolphins and sharks. The dolphins are reliable and will do what you say. They are team players whom you can trust. They respond to reason and logic. They own up their mistakes. They can definitely be trusted.

On the other hand, people who have shark like traits can never be trusted. They are not team players and are always looking out for ways to make others uncomfortable. The nature of shark resembles a scorpion. Even if you save it, it will sting you. You can even die because a shark’s bite is more dangerous.

You can definitely know how to handle the sharks of life. Many people in the society behave like sharks. This creates a lot of problem for people who have dolphin like nature.

To counter people with shark like traits, you need to be prepared for their negative behavior. You also need to have a perfect plan to counter their negative behavior so that your stress level does not go high. One thing that is important is that you should respond and not react to people with shark like traits.