Stress Management

Stress Test Results Confirms Heart Maldies Surge Among Poor

Stress test results are analyzed to see the possibility of coronary artery diseases and other such complications. So, whoever is undergoing stress test aims at scoring well at stress test so that he/she is not considered to be a probable coronary artery patient. It has been found that people of lower income strata are more prone to coronary artery disease and other heart complications. So, whenever they under go stress test, results are in favor of heart complications. To know more about stress test, read stress test results favors heart maladies in case of low income patients.

Low economic status of people has turned out to be a factor in stress test results favoring coronary artery disease. Poor scores in this test result is contributed by lack of proper health management among poor. Since, most of the people of low income group always remain under financial stress as well as workplace stress due to rough nature of work, they are more likely to affect their heart. Lack of exercise among poor gives way to weight gain, resulting in poor stress test results. Lack of physical fitness is one of the major risk factors for heart problems.

People of low income group often suffer from malnutrition and poor diet that even gives way to exercise intolerance. If stress test is conducted, findings are enough to ascertain coronary artery disease in most of the cases. Poor people have no recreation in their life hence they remain under mental stress. Since, physical stress due to hard work already exists, this double stress is unmanageable, giving way to diseases such as heart complication. They hardly know personal stress management. Management of stress needs information on stress management techniques and stress management tips.

It happens to be an eye opening finding for doctors as they usually look for obesity, diabetes and other such factors as the reason behind cardiovascular risk. So, low income people should be more thoroughly examined while on stress test to draw conclusive results.