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Teen Depression And Suicide: Things To Do

One of the leading causes of teenage death is suicide. And one of the main reasons for suicide is depression. It is not surprising that many teenagers are committing suicides. This is because teenage depression is one stage that they have to get past through. When teens have set their mind on suicide, there is nothing you can do to stop it. When their depression has peaked to its high, the only thing that teens can think of is to end it all by killing themselves.

Teenagers planning to suicide, suffers from different conditions of mental state. The first thing of concern is being aware how to stop their suffering. It is seen that most of them are initially too weak or too scared to do the act. They may find themselves not able to do what they want to. It is during this stage that their suicidal tendencies will get back again full force. They may also succeed this time in the belief that the feeling of hopelessness will come back again.

As parents, how do you deal with the child that is contemplating suicide?

The first thing that you need to do is to talk to your child. Ask him straight on what is bothering him. It is also best to inquire is he has any plans of committing suicide. Your child may think of it as a joke but then he will know that you have an idea about what he plans to do.

When your child sees that you are serious on your intent to stop him from doing any unnecessary things, it can bring out some of the sense left in him. When he feels that you are concerned about his behavior, he may even start having second thoughts about suicide.

Listen not as a parent but as someone who understands. Teens always have the notion that their parents do not understand them. This is the reason why they do not try to talk things out with them anymore. Oftentimes, they turn to peers for support.

Let your child talk. Do not react without first getting all the facts right. Keep your opinions to yourself and do not put words into your child’s mouth. He is old enough to think for himself. Chances are, he is aware of whatever consequences his actions will lead to. Be prepared in case the worst happens. Try not to leave your child all by himself. Clear out any objects that can be used for attempting suicide. Lock away sharp objects, ropes or non-prescription drugs that you child has access to.