Stress Management

Thalium Stress Test

Thalium stress test is a stress test done on either treadmill or with nuclear medication but with Thalium as only radio active tracer. Thalium is one of the most commonly used radio isotope during stress tests. Pictures taken by gama camera are more clear if Thalium happens to be the tracer. This stress test could be conducted at doctor's clinic or in hospital. There are certain prerequisites for Thalium stress test that should be taken care of. To know more about Thalium stress test, read Thalium stress test.

 Undergoing Thalium stress test requires you to do work out on treadmill first to bring surge in your blood circulation. While you are in increasing state of blood circulation, Thalium is injected intravenously. It travels down the blood vessel and passes through coronary artery and finally reaches to heart muscles. Abnormality of heart muscle and blockade are observed with the help of electrodes placed on chest that are attached to a monitor of electrocardiograph, giving constant electrocardiogram reading.

  Once you are through with exercise, gamma camera does the heart scanning by detecting the radiotracer in heart. The entry of Thalium in heart is displayed by a computer monitor. The first image is taken shortly after the exercise test, to show the circulation of blood in your heart during exercise. After two or three hours of resting, the process of taking images is repeated. Comparison of images helps cardiologists draw inferences.

This Thalium test reveals the fact that heart could be damaged by physical stresses as physical stresses tend to influence blood circulation. It is just because of that the coping with stress is an ordeal for heart patients. Heart patients may take refuge in natural stress relief methods. Anxiety and stress could be better avoided for the safety of heart. For stress reduction, heart patients must be disseminated with information on stress management tips and stress management techniques.