Stress Management

The Stress Prone Personality

The flexible creature  adapts easily to environmental change. The flexible creature survives changes in environment because of the ability to adapt. In case the creature is rigid, there can be no change in its structure. The inflexible and rigid creature will shatter or disintegrate. A Stress prone personality is like hard and inflexible creature.
In case you drop a glass sphere, it will break. If you drop a rubber sphere, it will bounce back. The reason is that rubber is flexible and glass is not. The rubber sphere adapts to change in environment in an easy way. The adaptability of a rubber sphere to the new environment is significantly much greater. In case of temperature change, glass is more adaptable than rubber.

Just think for some time. Apply this concept of flexibility to the personality of a person. In case you experiment these things on ones personality, you will understand what features will increase ones overall ability to adapt to environmental changes. Personality is based on conditioned beliefs. These beliefs affect the behavioral and psychological responses in a person’s  life. In case you believe that change will lead to unpredictable results, then you can have a fear of change and fear of making decisions. You may also sometimes have feelings of anxiety and vulnerability. You may also behave in a way so as to avoid a turbulent or dynamic environment. You will suffer from fear of new relationships. You will also not be able to respond to changes in a smooth  manner.

Conditioned beliefs make the personality rigid. Such personalities  can disintegrate any time. Such personalities encounter stress when the situation requires that they change, but they are unable to
The person with rigid beliefs feels more stressed. There is one therapy to counter this problem. It is called reframe therapy. In reframe therapy, one is taught to ponder over things in a positive manner.

Reframing adds flexibility to the way a person thinks. It adds flexibility to personality structure of the person. It shows up the way that we can change our personality. If inflexible beliefs are conditioned by experiences in life, then reframing cannot help. This is a prime drawback of reframing. These beliefs remain part of the personality structure and reframing cannot help such a stress prone personality.