Stress Management

Tips for a Stress-free Holiday with Family

 A holiday at the place of other members of your family does sound an excellent idea but many affirm that vacationing at the house of other family members or having them vacation at your home is quite strenuous and stressful. At times this can even strain such vital relationships. Hence, make use of the following tips to de-stress yourself.

Tips for would-be Houseguests

1. Make your own travel arrangements: The first step towards making your hosts remain
stress-free is by getting to and from the train station or airport on your own. This would avoid their haggle with the chaotic street traffic and other logistics of travelling with luggage.

2. Don't go empty handed: Going empty-handed to your host's house is a somewhat rude gesture. Hence, take a house gift along with you. This could be anything ranging from a bottle of wine, flowers, a gourmet food sampler, DVDs, board games and similar other things.

3. Know what not to bring: It is best that you call your hosts beforehand to know if there is anything which you should not bring to the house. There can be instances when items such as cake, candy or alcohol are not welcomed. Better still, it is an excellent idea to call up your host to know what would be appreciated by everybody.

4. Help around in the house: Once you are in your host's home it would be nice to help around in the completion of different household chores. These can be anything. Also, even if the chances of the host refusing to accept your help are high it is still your responsibility to help.

5. Bring a prepaid phone card: Bringing along a prepaid phone card can be of big help when your phone will be 'out of coverage area' at your host's home. That ways you won't have a host who would fume at the huge telephone bill that you would leave behind.

6. Inform your host of your dietary needs: If there is a special diet regime which you are following then it is best that you let your host know of it beforehand. That ways, it would be easy for your host to make necessary arrangements. If there are any special requirements which you think might not be fulfilled by anybody except you, then take those things along with you.

7. Leave your pets at home: Leaving your pets at home or at a pet care centre is another excellent way to de-stress your host's life.

8. On occasions, volunteer to pick up the tab: On occasions, it is an excellent idea to take the load off your host's wallet and instead pay for meals, movie tickets, and other similar things.