Stress Management

Treadmill Stress Test

A treadmill stress test is carried out to record heart rate and rhythm. Cardiologists help conduct the test. While patient walks on a treadmill, electrodes on the chest reveal the condition of the heart. Test is conducted with varied speed and terrains of treadmill. Maximum duration for the test is about half an hour. Obese people must undergo treadmill stress test on a regular basis.

Treadmill Stress Test is conducted to know following parameters of the heart:

A) How hard the heart can work before symptoms trigger off.
B) Irregular heart rates.
C) Supply of blood and oxygen to the heart while exercising.
D) Rate of heart beat recovers from exercise stress.
E) Overall cardiovascular condition. Pre requisites for the test are as follows.
F) Nothing to consume baring water, four hours before test.
G) No consumption of tea, coffee or smoking at least 4 hours before the test.
H) Doctor's permission for the test
I) In case of diabetics adjustment of insulin and carbohydrate while exercising.
J) Other important precaution for diabetics.
K) Do not apply lotions, oils or powders to the chest area.
L) Wear loose clothing. In case of women, they are not needed to remove their bra while electrode is placed on them.

Most of the heart complications have been found as an outcome of stress anxiety or other forms of stress. So, one must know stress management techniques and stress management tips. You must reduce stress to keep your heart safe. Stress reduction is in your hand, provided you are willing to do so. Physical stress relief is must for every one in order to keep the heart functioning at normal pace.