Stress Management

Turning Around The Hopelessness In Teen Suicides

Suicide is among the top ten leading causes of death and has no regard for age, sex, or ethnic background. Suicide is among the top three causes of death among the young population of today’s society. As difficult as those statistics are suicide is among the top five causes of death among the pre-teens. Suicide is nothing to laugh at any age but the thought of someone so young with so much to live for is even less appealing.

Teen suicide is getting worse every day all around the world. Many people ask why such youth would want to take their life for or what they possibly have to be stressed about. Many teens feel the pressure to be the best in grade, best in sports, and to be popular. These ideals can be very overwhelming and cause anxiety and stress. There are the teens that have been severely abused and neglected and are now seriously depressed.

Teenagers and pre-teens have a very rough time trying to adjust their life from children to growing adults and the world sometimes is not all that forgiving. Teens are sometimes hardest on themselves and there are those who cannot handle the struggle and this is not the time in their lives when they are communicating with their parents so it is very difficult to see when they are moving into a dangerous state of mind. More than 50 percent of high school students have entertained the idea of suicide at one time or another. More than 5 percent admit to trying it at least once.

Some signs to watch for:

A) Personality changes
B) Trouble with friends (girl or boyfriend)
C) Becoming isolated and withdrawn
D) Schoolwork quality changed
E) Trouble concentrating
F) Choosing behavior that is contrary to how they are normally
G) If this is a daughter, is she pregnant
H) Has there been attempts to run away from home
I) Begin using drugs or alcohol
J) Physical complaints
K) Eating or sleeping patterns changed

Even if you remotely think your teenager may be considering harming themselves in any way, you better talk to them. Many a times your teenager may talk to someone else because they do not want to disappoint you. Make sure you know what is going on with your teen. Reassure them that no matter what you love them and want them to live. Offer to get them help and stay with them through the crisis. If you need to call your local crisis hot line or emergency number and have your child placed in protective care so they can hurt themselves. Prove to your child that life is worth living tell them there is a brighter world out there and it has much to share. Watch and listen to your children. It takes more than words to hear what really is going with them.