Stress Management

Who All Need Stress Management?

According to the Student Living Report 2002 carried out by Market & Opinion Research International (MORI), almost 53% university students in the USA are under stress. In UK also, at least 16 children kill themselves each year because they are being bullied at school, says The Depression Alliance estimates.

About 5.2 million U.S. adults aged between 18 and 54 suffer from one or the other form of stress in any given year. (Statistics provided by National Institute of Mental Health).

Depression Alliance estimates that each year there are around 19,000 suicide attempts by UK adolescents, specifically due to some kind of stress.

National Comorbidity Survey states that 61% of men and 51% of women have experienced traumas linked to some form of stress or the other.

Almost 25% Americans feel that their job is the biggest stressor in their lives.

Students, teens, professionals, men, women, kids, oldies... Everybody has been grasped by the pangs of one or the other type of stress at least once in their lifetimes.

Practically speaking nobody is out of its circumference. Students, kids and teens face situational stress at school, colleges and at other social situations. As their age is highly sensitive and emotional, they are bound to suffer from some emotional upheavals, which directly or indirectly lead to stress.

 Professionals and businessmen are amongst the highest stressed lot. Workplace stress, financial stress as well as emotional stress can seize them at any time.

Men and women suffer from stress in almost equal degrees. The reasons and situations, for the two, may be different, but none of the two can avoid stress altogether. Stress in women during pregnancy can be really harmful.

Another stress affected lot is old people. They are the section of society who are generally ignored and isolated. The vegetative existence gives room to frustration and thus builds in stress.

Stress is something you can't dissociate from yourself, irrespective of the segment you belong to. Then what is the way out? Well, you can try some techniques and therapies. If they fail to help you out medication is an all time option available to seek solace in.

So, don’t stress any longer. Take action and throw stress out of your life forever!