Why Stressed

Helping Your Spouse Manage Stress

“A friend in need is a friend in deed.” Similar is the case of spouses.
Your spouse is your friend also. In this context of the modern world, the challenges faced by the spouses are many. Problems crop up one after another. Unsolved problems give rise to tension. When you are unable to bear the tension, you are under stress. A stressed individual is the person carrying a heavy head load, and is unable to find a place for its unloading.

Marriage is supposed to 'flow together harmoniously'. Two distinct individuals, born and brought up under two different set of circumstances, try to live together and find a common goal. If that common goal is their common all, then there are no problems. Problems start, stress begins, when they become the East and the West.

It is the duty of each spouse to contribute to mitigate the stress. Hard arguments, rigid stands will not take you anywhere. Remember, every argument has a counter argument and you can not win your spouse by winning an argument. But you can definitely win him/her by understanding, and having sympathy and love for each other. The two can not walk together unless they are agreed.

The causes of stress between the spouses are many. An unrecognized, isolated, unsupported opinion over an issue, and the feeling of let down by the spouse make the couples tremendously stressed out. Any one of the spouse can commit a mistake. In such circumstances, it is better to make a clean slate and own up the mistakes.

The mutual relations must always expand. They should not contract. Basic conditions need to be created, for the spouses to remain basically sound and industrious.

If both are working, it is better to work with clear cut responsibilities. Take all the aspects of family life and draw out a plan of “to be done” and “not to be done” things. Work according to that plan. Both of you have the pressure of office work. Both of you leave home early and return late at night, tired and exhausted.

Howsoever busy you are, take out some time for recreation and family outings. Family outings are great stress relievers.

Another inexpensive plan to remove stress between the spouses is to surprise each other with small gifts. Pleasant surprises play a significant role in contributing to the happiness.

Sympathy, understanding and mutual respect for the individual objectives in life- if you have these attributes, where is the stress?