Why Stressed

How to Manage Relationship Stress? A Few Simple Tips

These days, interpersonal relationships have come under a lot of strain. This development can be attributed to many factors which, in turn, can help us find out how to cope up with relationship stress. Let us look at some of these causes and also simultaneously find out ways to cope with relationship stress.

Hectic work schedules: A partner's hectic work schedule has been observed to destabilize a relationship.  This happens when there is so much work that it doesn't even give you to sit down and at least talk to each, the most basic requirement of a relationship.

When this goes building up over a period of time, the result is that the void created by the partner's absence slowly gets bigger and bigger. The other partner, then, has to find ways to fill this gap. While some are able to deal with it, others take recourse to stress busters like cigarettes, alcohol, happy pills and so on.

If you find yourself in exactly the same situation, the first thing that you should do is to reduce your workload and find time to peacefully sit and enjoy some time with your partner. Start saying "No" at the office. Do not bring office work to home. Instead, have that time marked only for your partner.

Conversation should be an essential part of these moments. While physical intimacy is something which can increase the bonds between the two, it is not a guaranteed formula for success in inter-personal relationships.

Love anxiety: Yes, this also has started playing a part in increasing stress in relationships. Lack of conversation in people's lives these days have forced many to start conjecturing things about the fidelity of their partners. The feeling of emotional insecurity increases in them due to which they start expecting more out of a relationship. This is a stressful moment for both the partners as there is no valid ground for the anxiety felt. The best way out of this situation is to sit and indulge in long conversations. Talking would certainly help cure this.

Demanding more out of Relationships: This is another reason for the increased amount of relationship stress among couples these days. Man by nature demands pleasure all the time. However, reality ceases to be pleasurable after a point of time. The same is the case with relationships. There definitely comes a time when the novelty of a relationship fades and the partners get engrossed with existential questions of life.

Further, most try to find alternate means to fill the gap of pleasure that they started to experience in their relationship. Infidelity is something which is risky and, thus, enthralling. Existing relationships get soured as a result of this. The only thing which can be done to avoid stress at this point of time is to simply let go of your expectations that you had previously for your partner and whose non-realization is now forcing you to "explore" alternate avenues.

Thus the cure for stress from relationships lies in you alone. Start spending more time with your partner. Do not demand too much out of him/her, and help him/her in whatever ways possible.