Why Stressed

Stress in Children

There was a time when childhood was a carefree period and children would enjoy themselves without any worries and hassles. Unfortunately, today that situation no longer exists. An increasing number of children either are under severe stress or are prone to stress. Childhood stress can have harmful effects that last through a lifetime.

Let us face the fact that as adults we are better equipped to deal with stressful situations. We have been through stressful situations and have the maturity and the understanding to deal with such situations. Needless to say, children are not as well equipped as they are in a very delicate phase of their lives.

Childhood stress can have an origin in a number of reasons. Children do no have the ability to understand complex adult relationships and marital discord and unhappy homes are a major reason for stress in children.

Other reasons for stress in children can be moving to a new home and having to adjust to losing old friends and the uncertainty of developing new friends. A new school may also cause stress. These situations give the child a feeling of helplessness and lack of control.

The tragedy is that as parents we often do not realize that our children are going through stress. As parents, we should be able to shield children from stress and encourage them to ask questions and to talk with us. Drawing out the inner feelings of a child is very essential to know what the child is going through.

Childhood is a very sensitive phase of life. Stressful experiences in childhood remain as scars throughout the years. It is important that you communicate with your child and then take action to allay the child’s fears. A child needs parents’ help, support and understanding to deal with stress.