Stress Techniques

Anxiety wrap can help your dog

Animals, like human beings too have emotions. Like people, some animals also become anxious and agitated in certain circumstances. Dogs are very prone to becoming anxious in certain situations. Dogs are afraid of lighting, thunderstorms or heavy rains. They  find it hard to cope with such situations. It is in such a situation that an anxiety wrap is very useful.

Anxiety wrap is an excellent tool that helps dogs and other animals to deal with such situations. The tool employs a method known as maintained pressure to calm and pacify the animal. It is an excellent tool to keep the animal peaceful in stressful situations.
Anxiety wrap permits your dog to sleep through storm or lightning. The wrap reduces the effects of thunderstorms and helps your dog to sleep through the stressful period. The wrap makes the storms bearable for the dog. During thunderstorms, dogs are perturbed and show their agitation by barking excessively. The wrap gives you and the dog, peace of mind.

By applying constant pressure across the dog’s body, anxiety wrap stimulates the receptors to transmit various sensations to different parts of the body. As a result, the animal is able to control abnormal behavior and remains calm. Pet dogs that grow restless, pant excessively or hide under the bed are able to sleep peacefully throughout a storm.

The inventor of this amazing anxiety wrap is Susan Sharpe. Her experience of working with animals has helped her address this particular problem. The result has been fantastic. Now your pets will not show unusual behavior and remain calm. It can even redirect your dog’s focus and increase self-confidence. Anxiety wrap also helps in reducing your pet’s aggression or nervousness, releases stress and puts a check on excessive barking, fear, hyperactivity, shyness and other anxieties. 
Thus, anxiety wrap can be termed as a great gift for your anxious dog. Now, you do not have to take the dog to a vet or worry about your dog’s behavior during a storm. Anxiety wrap provides the less confident animal with a sense of security and helps it to feel comfortable.