Stress Techniques

Feeling Stressed? Get A Pet

If you are trying to get rid of stress then there are several management techniques like yoga, meditation, journaling, deep breathing and the like that can prove to be of help. However, a less common way of dealing with stress is getting a pet. Pets can offer you companionship and help you get rid of stress in the most enjoyable manner.

How do pets help you get rid of stress?
Pets work in more than just one way to help you ward off stress. Here are some ways in which a pet can help you fight stress.

1.    Though there are several causes of stress, it is loneliness and the fear of being alone that is most prominent. Having a pet helps you get rid of loneliness and battles stress.
2.    Animals have the quality of providing unconditional love. Their never ending love promotes the release of feel good hormone in the body known as endorphins and helps ward off stress.
3.    Exercising or any form of physical activity can also help you get rid of stress. A good workout helps dispel the toxins from the system and helps you get rid of stress. Pets give you your daily dose of exercise and help you get rid of stress.
4.    They are a kind of social support and possess the capability of improving your mood. When you take your dog out for a walk, you give people more reasons to stop and talk to you. This helps increase your acquaintances and improve your social circle, which further keeps stress at bay.
5.    Pets are very good listeners. You can talk to them and tell them everything you feel and they would listen to you, without being judgmental.
6.    Playing with your pet gives you a high. It gives you an adrenaline rush that helps lift up your mood and get rid of stress.

Pets good for stress management
Though every pet can help bring down your stress levels, there are some that help serve the purpose better.

"    Dogs: These are a man's best friend. They help you exercise and keep you good company.
"    Cats: People often keep cats as pets. They are the sweet little animals, who play with you and do not leave you alone.
"    Fish: It has been proved scientifically that staring at an aquarium reduces stress and lowers your blood pressure.

There is a whole array of animals you can choose from. Make your choice and bring home a companion who is sure to help you manage stress. With a pet around you, chances of stress being there are next to negligible.