Stress Therapies

Manage Stress With Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

We all have different approaches of dealing with different situations. It is our approach towards various situations that determines whether we will be a victim of stress or not. Cognitive behavioral therapy is based on the similar premises. This therapy helps gauge suitable reactions to unfavorable circumstances and subsequently helps avoid stress.

Various events that occur in our day to day life are the primary causes of stress. These event could be anything from something as minor as getting late for office to the major ones such as illness of a family member. It is our reaction towards these events that determines whether we will be stressed or relaxed.

For instance, two people may be stuck in the same traffic. While one person may crib about the time wasted and become tensed, the other may take the traffic as an opportunity to relax or listen to music. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy focuses on framing positive thought patterns towards different events, to eliminate stress and anxiety.

This stress management therapy aims at understanding the thought process of an individual. This thought process is eventually modified through various sessions so that you react positively towards various events.

Cognitive behavioral therapy may extend over ten to twelve weeks and is conducted by professionals. These professional interact with the patient and help him find a positive way of thinking. No medicines or drugs are used during this process. In the initial sessions, the expert may ask several questions to the patient. Eventually, the expert will teach the patient about various positive thinking techniques and ways to deal with stressful events.

In terms of effectiveness, cognitive behavioral therapy gets quite a score. This stress management technique has been considered even more effective as compared to other therapeutic approaches for stress management. Typically, a patient may experience stress relief within three to four weeks. Now, this is much faster than psychoanalytical therapy, which has been used for several years now to fight tension and anxiety.

The best part about using cognitive behavioral therapy for stress management is that it works for a lifetime. Even if you are done with the treatment, you can use the therapy later on in life as well to fight stress. You can imply the positive thinking techniques that you learn from this therapy to future events, to fight stress. Thus, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy also helps prevent relapse of another stress attack.

To sum up, cognitive behavioral therapy is a highly effective and safe way to deal with stress. This therapy changes your attitude towards day to day events and prepares you to battle stress in all situations.