Stress Therapies

Try Using Shiatsu for Stress Management

Do you really need stress relieving medications to fight off stress? Not really, as you have numerous alternative techniques that can help you bust stress. Shiatsu is one such alternative proactive that can help you get rid of stress naturally. This stress relieving technique involves massaging the body to ward off anxiety and tension.

If you want to use shiatsu to fight stress, then you have several options at your aid. You can choose to go to a massage therapist or use a shiatsu massage chair and other tools to combat stress at home. Though several massage tools can be easily used at home, most people prefer to go to a special massage therapist.

Shiatsu is a traditional form of massage that originated in Japan. This technique is centered on the philosophy that a vital energy called 'Ki' flows through the body. This energy is also known as 'Chi' in Chinese philosophy. Whenever this flow of energy is obstructed due to any reason, it leads to stress. Shiatsu focuses to remove these obstacles to allow smooth flow of Ki and alleviate stress.

These days several styles of shiatsu have been developed to provide relief from not just stress but other health problems as well. Some of the commonly used styles of shiatsu include general flow of Ki, five elements system and the macrobiotic approach. Each of these shiatsu styles focuses on massaging certain points to alleviate stress.

One of the most commonly used points in shiatsu is the point between the two eyebrows. This point is also commonly referred to as the third eye point. To fight stress, place your middle finger on this point and press gently for five seconds. Now repeat this for five to six times to fight off stress. The point exactly below the skull is also commonly massaged in shiatsu session. Press this point with the help of your thumb for five seconds. This will not just help ward off anxiety but also offer relief from pain.

By pressurizing certain points in the body, shiatsu enables you to relax and brings down your stress levels. The best part about using shiatsu for stress management is that it is safe and natural. Unlike stress relieving medications that subject you to an unhealthy dose of chemicals, shiatsu calms and relaxes your body naturally.

Shiatsu is a highly effective way to fight stress. In fact, most people experience relief and relaxation immediately after a shiatsu session. You too can consider this natural therapy to relax and get rid of stress. However, for the starters it is recommended that you consult an expert for the same.