Stress Therapies

Stress Management: 4 Steps to Massive Stress Relief by Having Fun

I am really fond of collecting comic strips. Over the years, I have collected large number of comics and cartoons about marriage. I have another collection of cartoons about the concept of stress and change. In fact, a person can learn about stress through comics and have fun reading them, at the same time . I really enjoy the syndicated comic strip called family circus. I like it because this comic strip teaches you stress management tips based on day to day living.

A few years ago, I had the pleasure to watch a beautiful family circus. There were just two scenes in this event. The first scene shows the couple in front of the television. This couple is watching an old man on the television who is teaching the fundamentals of having fun. Indirectly, this elderly person is teaching things about how to relieve stress. The second scene shows children playing in the yard and having fun. Both the scenes, in one way or the other, deal with stress management therapy.

It is easy for kids to have fun because the stress factor in their lives is low. Sadly enough, the same doesn’t apply to  grown up men and women. They become very much engrossed with the world. They forget to have fun. They swim in the ocean of day to day stress. This is the reason they cannot be as stress free as kids. An adult can have fun in this stress laden world. He needs to follow the four important steps.

* Note down 5 to 10 things that can make you enjoy  life and have fun. These things can be small or large. These things can be less or more time consuming.
*Jot down the list of things you did for fun during the day, week, month or year as D, W, M and Y.
*Remember to update the list.
* Do one thing at a time. If you do so, you will be able to concentrate and do things better. This will give you great relief from stress. It will increase concentration.